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Check out this interesting article on Masters Degree website called “11 Surprising Celebs Who Went to Law School.”  Prior to becoming famous television, movie and sport celebrities,  here is the list of celebrities that attended law school:

  1. Jerry Springer
  2. Julian McMahon
  3. Kevin Hagen
  4. Jerry O'Connell
  5. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  6. Justin Deaber
  7. Hill Harper
  8. Marv Levy
  9. Vince Lombardi
  10. Samuel S. Hinds
  11. Greg Raymer

If you know of any other celebrities that attended law school?  Feel free to comment below. 


Evan R. Hanson

Steve Young of the 49ers earned a J.D. from BYU.

Seattle dui lawyer

Amazing people. Some of them i admired.

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