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Juror Sues Judge, State of California, Facebook and Defendants Asserting Privacy Rights Concerning His Facebook Postings

In a recent article called “Juror’s Facebook Postings During Gang Trial Lead to Legal Morass & Suit Against Judge” on, a juror filed a federal lawsuit against California Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny for violating his privacy.  Here’s another case concerning the social media tool Facebook being used during a court proceeding.  However, in this instance, a juror allegedly posted comments on Facebook about evidence during the trial.  Here is what is stated in the complaint:

"During the criminal trial, while acting as jury foreperson, plaintiff posted on various occasions on his Facebook page to advise his friends that he was serving on jury duty. He occasionally posted updates that he was 'still' on jury duty and, on one occasion, posted a comment that he was bored during the presentation of cell phone record evidence."

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan has adopted new rules regarding juror communication and the use of social media during the course of trial, as discussed in this previous post.  Is your state keeping up with technology? 

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