Thomson Reuters to Hire Attorneys for Legal Process Outsourcing Facility in Michigan
Big Law Firm Set to Review Client Base & Set New Client Minimum Billing Threshold of $200,000 a Year


Chuck Newton

I tend to agree with everything in the article. But, you have to admit that for better or worse law students are to blame as well. They themselves chose schools (at least those students that have a choice) for all of the wrong reasons -- namely rankings or the schools brand. If applicants would migrate in mass to the law schools that offer the lowest tuition and costs (with good bar passage rates), then the brand of those law schools would rise and the brand of the gouger law schools would fall.

I have two children applying to law school now. I have a daughter that just recently graduated. There is just a rule that they are not applying to law schools that charge $30k to $45k a year. Those law schools that cannot control their cost and overhead, often for no better reason that (1) rankings and (2) the availability of student loans (badly indenturing their students, demonstrate a profound disrespect for the public, their students and those that they serve.

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