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Sony Sued over Sony Playstation Data Breach

The ABA Journal reports that the action filed by the Rothken Law Firm contends that Sony failed to protect the sensitive data of its users, which  resulted in the loss of personal and private information and is believed that hackers may have obtained users' credit card numbers of up to 75 Million users.

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Traverse Legal is Proud to Announce the Formal Opening of its Austin, Texas Office

Traverse Legal Brings Internet Law Expertise to Austin - AustinPost

As Middle America comes out of the recession, our internet law attorneys stand prepared to help Austin companies achieve their business objectives.  Our internet law attorneys are recognized for their experience, technology expertise and understanding of the internet and related issues.  We have represented internet start-up companies, as well as some of the largest companies on the internet.  We now have offices conveniently located in Traverse City, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; Austin, Texas; Lexington Park, Maryland and Encino, California.

High Costs for Legal Scholarship

The National Law Journal author Karen Sloan reports on the recent Future Ed Conference held at New York Law School on April 16, 2011, where more than 100 academics attending the conference to discuss the future of legal education.

During a discussion on leveraging tenured faculty, Hoftra University School of Law Professor Richard Neumann estimated that the cost of a law review article by tenured professors at top law schools costs around $100,000 and that law graduates with six figure debt are left with the bill.  New York Law School Dean Rick Matasar suggests new, low-cost law schools with untenured faculty and adjuncts.

Copyright Troll Righthaven Obtains Licenses to Litigate

As reported by Martha Neil of the Intellectual Property Law blog section of the ABA Journal, the copyright litigation firm known as Righthaven is at it again.  Apparently, Righthaven is obtaining license agreements from copyright owners that essentially assign ownership rights to the copyrighted works to Righthaven in order to pursue copyright infringement lawsuits against alleged infringers.

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Google Tools and Applications for Law Practice Management

Senior Writer Mark Hansen over at the ABA Journal published this article noting the wealth of tools offered by Google that can be very helpful with your law practice.  Hansen notes that Google offers much more than search capabilities and Gmail and provides this list of Google tools and applications attorneys and law firms may find helpful:

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Our Experience Using Google Calendar for Law Practice Management

Law Practice Management As you might recall, we started using Google Calendar about six months ago for our case management calendaring system.  The advantages of Google Calendar are many.  It exists in the cloud.  You can add or subtract other team members’ calendars easily.  It synchs automatically with your iPhone and other devices.  You can request availability for particular dates and months to team members. 

The one potential negative aspect of Google Calendar is that there is no field for “client – matter.” We were a little worried about this particular item when we first moved to Google Calendar.  In retrospect, it was not nearly as big a deal as we thought.  Because we keep an extranet system which keeps all calendared items by client matter, we simply rely on that particular system if you need to see a total schedule of calendar items for a particular case.  Otherwise, we couldn’t be happier with Google Calendar.