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The Next Three things I have a lot of sayings, mottos and processes for our law firm.  But one that I continually come back to is my theory of “the next three things.”

Time management is always challenging for lawyers, paralegals and staff.  It is very easy to get overwhelmed in the volume of things that start to pile up.  Because we are Internet Law Attorneys, we handle a tremendous amount of volume.  We process over 200 prospects per month.  Of those 200 prospects, we convert approximately 10% into clients, most of those on commoditized legal services, such as trademark registration, trademark and copyright infringement threat letters, domain name disputes, internet defamation analysis and related issues.  The greatest bulk of our business comes from current clients who seek further services on a flat fee, defined deliverable basis.

All of this means that we handle a large number of clients each month on commoditized legal services.   How do we keep on top of everything and make sure that client service is our number one priority?  We focus on the next three things.  Instead of seeing that we have fifty things to accomplish in a day, we pick them off three at a time.   For any lawyer who’s seeking to “survive the day,” I would recommend using the “next three things” strategy.  As long as you’re prioritizing things appropriately, you’ll keep clicking off tasks without feeling overwhelmed. 


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