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Best iPad Apps for Lawyers

In some sense, every lawyer is an internet lawyer.  Attorneys who don't use the internet to gather information, learn about their adversary or research their own client are living in a cave.  Lawyers who don't use internet applications in order to increase their productivity are overbilling their clients, no different than if they were using embers to scratch out documents on a flat rock. 

Ever wondering about what the best iPad apps are for lawyers?  Here's a solid list of applications which will make you a better lawyer for your client. 

Apps for Attorneys:


John H.

Nice suggestions! I just wrote a similar article on iPhone apps--I am surprised to see we have no overlap. If you're a lawyer with an iPhone and want to know some great apps, read my post here: http://bit.ly/o8UtVX

Personal Injury Lawyer Sydney

Thanks for the great suggestions! I highly doubt that there are still lawyers who don’t use the internet in one way or another though. It just seems unthinkable not to be using it for almost any profession nowadays!

Christy Blair

I am looking for a way to stay in sync with my office calendar on my ipad. Any suggestions?

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