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Our law firm was built on the internet.  We live in a small town in Northern Michigan, yet we service clients from around the world.  We speak with over 200 new prospective clients per month, just off of our internet traffic.  Of those 200 prospects, we are retained by between 6-12 new clients every single month.  Between 10-15% of our monthly revenue is comprised of the first project for new client sign-ups. 

I'm often asked by other attorneys how they can improve their web sites. A good law firm web site is a blend of great content, usability and design.  Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. There are two ways clients will see your web site.  Clients who already know exist will do a Google Search for your firm name and review your web site to check you out. Prospective clients who have no idea you exist are more likely to search for their problem on Google and, if you have great content about their problem, read a web page, blog post or article that you have written addressing their problem. 
  2. For prospective clients, clients and adversaries who are simply "checking you out," your web site is an important indicator of your status and representation as an attorney.  If you are on a third-rate web site, these people will wonder whether or not you're a third-rate lawyer. 
  3. For all website visitors, people want to see whether or not you've written an article or are recognized on the specific issue they are concerned about.  If you have no content, they will be left to believe your bullet list of practice areas.  There is not much legitimacy in a self-generated list of areas of specialization. 
  4. Your web site needs to be simple and easy to navigate.  Usability is important.  Most web visitors will visit your home page, about page, and contact page more than any other pages on your web site.  Make sure these pages are well designed and project the message you wish to project. 
  5. Don't be afraid to highlight the "contact" button on your web site.  If you don't ask people to contact you, they are much more likely to drift away to the next Google result or next law firm website.  The contact button should be the most prominent button on every one of your web pages.  
  6. Pictures are important.  Clients and prospective clients want to see what you look like. 

What else would you put on the list? 


Gyi Tsakalakis

Great post. You clearly understand how the internet can enhance your firm's marketing efforts. I'd like your permission to write a post on your experiences.

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