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SEO for Lawyers

Our law firm has always lived on great organic search results driven by great content.  We’ve never really paid a lot of attention to SEO, although we know what keywords drive the most traffic and we try and use those keywords in our titles and text.  Several months ago, we decided to experiment with a SEO firm to find out what they did and how much value they could bring to the table. 
Most SEO firms really do keyword advertising.  The drive business to the web site on your back and you pay for Google Adwords.  They optimize those campaigns.  Hopefully, there’s a return on investment per Adwords dollar spent.

But what does a traditional SEO firm do when it comes to optimizing your web site organic search results?  The answer so far is they work on issues such as keyword density in your web site content. Surprisingly, simple?

The real question is whether or not significant gains can be made in search engine rankings by switching a few words of text around.  Would a good SEO company brings to the table are the tools to be able to assess the results of various on-site optimization.  We are about 30% of the way through our process with our SEO company.  We’ll keep you up to date on the results.  In another post, I’ll share what we’re doing with regards to link building through directly listings. 


Gyi Tsakalakis

I'd love to hear an update on this post. Respectfully, I would suggest that there are a lot of things that an SEO professional can do besides adjusting keyword densities (in fact, if you're writing naturally, keyword density really shouldn't be an issue).

In any event, keep up the great work with the content. is attracting a lot of quality natural links.

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