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Many of you know that we take our websites very seriously.  There are few law firms in the world who devote as much time, energy and money to our websites. 

I specialize as an internet law attorney.  We’ve been through a variety of redesigns through the years.  Since hiring a full-time web developer, we’ve been able accelerate the iteration process.

Right now, we are focused on a single issue.  What is it that the end user sees when they look at our home page?  We want them to see a professional law firm specializing in the issues relevant to them.  Notice the orange contact buttons and 800 numbers are prominent.  It is hard to get onto the first page of Google results on search terms relevant to your law firm’s areas of practice.  It is even harder to get people to stay on your website once they arrive.  The browser back button is your greatest enemy. 

How will you get people to stay on your site once they arrive?  What are they seeing when they get there? 

Let me know your thoughts…


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