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General Counsel Magazine Releases Survey of America's Top Earning Legal Officers

As reported by David Lat on Above the Law Blog, Corporate Counsel magazine recently released the annual GC Compensation Survey listing America’s highest paid general counsel.  The survey showed steady gains and recovery for top legal officers, as well as the first time a woman was named the highest paid general counsel.  Here's what GC Magazine said about the top earner:

Denise Keane, the top legal officer since 2007 at tobacco giant Altria Group, Inc., took home $6.5 million in total cash compensation. In fact, women in general are continuing to make steady inroads in the pantheon of top earners. “We are moving in the right direction, albeit slowly,” says Dorian Denburg, president of the National Association of Women Lawyers and a general attorney with AT&T Inc. “What we need are more sponsors and champions so that as opportunities open, women can fill these seats.”

Here are the top 10 earners for 2010:

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Dean Robb: An Unlikely Radical Interview Part 6

Welcome to GAL Radio brought to you by the Greatest American Lawyer Blog, changing the way law is practiced through technology, innovation, and creativity.  Turning the business of law on its head and shaking things up to the betterment of clients, lawyers, law firms and society.  This is one in a series of shows featuring Dean Robb, activist lawyer and a leader in the legal arm of the civil rights movement.  Dean is the subject of the book: “DEAN ROBB: An Unlikely Radical.”  Now here’s your host, Steve Quick.

Steve Quick:  Hi, this is Steve Quick.  We’re continuing our conversation with Dean Robb, lawyer, activist and subject of the book: “An Unlikely Radical.”  Dean, over the past, at least quarter of a century, you’ve spent a lot of energy in working with young lawyers.  Could you tell us something about that?

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