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Keyword Domain Name for Lawyers: Internet Lawyer Parking Page?

Many lawyers use the internet for marketing.  From Blogs to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, the debate over whether lawyers should market online ended long ago.  Virtually, every law firm now does so.  Many law firms register their firm name as the domain name.  But domain names which match the search query in Google still get a healthy bump. 

Check these Google search results for the phrase “internet lawyer.”  Note that the third result is, which is a parking page at Google.

Of course, if you are really looking for an internet lawyer, we recommend our own law firm, Traverse Legal, PLC.

So what can law firms do in order to increase their web presence on important keywords for their practice?  I’m certainly not suggesting that you go out and register every important keyword combination as a domain name.  Our firm picked approximately 100 important keyword combinations and launched WordPress blogs on each.  We continue to grow those particular web properties with content.  An example of one such page can be found at


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