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Many Lawyers Hate Their Job. But How To Escape?

Alan Henry at provides 10 tips for escaping your crappy job in his article titled “Ten Things To Do While Planning Your Escape from an Awful Job.”  Here’s a summary of what Alan suggests you should do prior to leaving your horrible job:

  1. Keep working and carry on as you normally would so as to not draw attention to your intentions.
  2. Don’t discuss your plans to your co-workers or friends.
  3. Start slowly packing up your personal item.
  4. Stay close to your friends at your current job so you can network with them later on.
  5. Back up and/or remove personal items from data systems.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the company’s policy relative to leaving your employment.
  7. Make sure you are financially secure before making the leap.  If you are taking time off in between jobs, be sure you have funds to get by.  
  8. Start honing your skills, especially if you are taking a little time off between jobs.  
  9. Research and learn about your future employer.
  10. Leave your current employer on good terms. 

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