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Desk_5_200Don’t get me wrong.  I love technology.  And I adore the internet.  As a lawyer specializing in internet law and technology issues, it is hard for me to complain about anything related to technology.  Our law firm thrives on the growth and innovation that is occurring online. 

After six years of working on a laptop from my kneeling chair, the last 18 months on a MacBook Pro, I’ve had enough.  I am done.  No more.  I’ve always believed that my kneeling chair was way better than a regular chair because it properly aligns the spine and puts the weight down through your thighs where it should be when you’re sitting.  But the days of kneeling are done.  For the last four days, I have been working on top of a Banker’s Box, and standing in front of my MacBook Pro and dual screen.  Thus far, it’s been awesome.  In fact, I’m awaiting delivery of my Anderlyn Desk, which will sit on top of my desk to take the place of my cardboard Banker’s Box.  Here are the things that I’ve noticed and currently love about standing up while I work:
  • I’m standing up!  Being in a chair has always made me feel a little bit like a caged animal.  I hate anything that is limiting, mentally, emotionally and physically (Well, I might let my wife tie me to the bed if she was ever so inclined).  Standing up gives you range of motion, keeps you moving and keeps you active. 
  • You feel more engaged with your work.  Because there is a lot more motion involved, the brain is more active and able to flip from item to item.  
  • Did you ever see the movie WALL-E?  You know, the movie where all the people end up on a spaceship in motorized chairs that they never have to get out of?  It’s kind of what the technology age feels like.  People are strapped to their computers and can do more and more without ever getting up.  Sitting is not only bad for you physically because you have to lean over your keyboard, but it means you aren’t doing anything.  Standing up is exercise.  Don’t believe me?  Try doing it for an 8-hour day and see how your legs feel when you wake up the next morning.  
  • I love to pace.  When I’m dictating or talking on the phone, my brain is active as I move from side to side.  With my Plantronics headset, I can move of approximately four feet around my computer as I dictate to my computer (as I’m doing now).  When I pick up a call, I can pace as well without having to get up. 

I’ll let you know how things progress.  But thus far, I could not happier and more liberated with my stand-up desk and my new found freedom.  Do you stand up? Let me know how it’s going for you.


Raif Palmer

I've been working using a Steelcase Airtouch since 2009 and have been standing all day ever since. I recommend a gel floor mat like chefs use to go a little easier on the feet. There is enough sitting during any day to give you some breaks (client meetings, etc.) After a few days I got used to standing all the time. Highly recommended.


Raif: Great idea on the floor mat. I am ordering today!

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