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How to Be a Resource

Too often, the hourly billing model puts lawyers and staff in their own little world.  Bill hours. Focus on hours.  More hours.  

Even flat and alternative fee billing models can create tunnel vision for law firms which focuses on time, rather than collaboration, efficiency and teamwork.  Strong teams work together.  Building culture and environment where people are grabbing opportunities, rather than running from them, is always a challenge.  Lawyers and staff need an environment where they can be a resource rather than a task slave.

Building an ‘I want to be a resource” as part of the culture for your law firm is simple.  Instead of asking people whether they are too busy to help, make incentives for people to help regardless of how busy they are.  Creative incentives and an upside for people to jump in and 'be a resource' for other staff. We will be discussing the ‘how to’ of creating a culture where people want to be a resource in upcoming posts.  

Stay tuned and post your own ideas and comments below.