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GAL Radio Presents: Top 5 changes in the business of law from 2004-2019

The Greatest American Layer Blog launched 15 years ago in 2004.  With thousands of blog posts about innovations in law, we decided to highlight the biggest changes we have seen in the business model of law, over the last 15 years. The good news?  Things have improved dramatically over for both clients and lawyers since 2004.  The bad news?  The level of innovation in law continues to drag behind virtually every other industry segment. In short, lawyers and clients need to continue to create new levels of transparency, alternative billing models, learn to share risk and deliver better customer service.  Judges need to work harder at creating efficiencies in the litigation process.   Law students need to inspire their superiors to use technology to create efficiency and transparency.

Welcome to the reincarnated podcast know as GAL Radio, the Greatest American Lawyer Podcast.   Who is the greatest American lawyer?  You are.  You have the potential to change the game.  To break the mold.  To innovate.  To differentiate.  To offer new business models of legal services and client solutions which bring the profession of law closer to its ideal.  To break the chains of mindless billable hours.  Our podcast mission is to change the way law is practiced.  We want to take a moment to thank you for listening to the Great American Lawyer Podcast and being part of the conversation. Click the comment link to send us a message, clap back or send us ideas for future shows. Now, back to this episode of the Greatest American Lawyer podcast. 


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