Are you a 'Happy Lawyer?'
2020 is the Year Lawyers Better Wake Up to The importance of Branding & Reputation

Why "branding" and 'reputation' are the biggest opportunity for lawyers in 2020.

Lawyers and law firms have never paid much attention to sales, marketing or branding. The days of ignorance are over.

Law firms need to start paying attention to their reputation on the Internet, the value of their brand in the market for legal services and the opportunity to differentiate in the market. 

Lawyers need to start paying attention to the fact that their 'personal name' is the most important branding opportunity they will ever have. This is a dramatic change from the way things used to be.  Lawyers to acknowledge and understand the value of their 'name' as a brand, and give it the attention it deserves will be winners over the next decade. In 2020, reputation is everything.

In this podcast, Attorney Enrico Schaefer tells you how and why brand has become the most important tool for lawyers in 2020 and beyond.  He teaches you how to build your online brand, protect your online reputation and build momentum which will differentiate you from other lawyers who do the same work. IF you care about your reputation and your career, you need to listen to this podcast. If you have other lawyers who you care about, you should share this podcast with them.  The world is changed.  Opportunity is everywhere.  The fruit hangs low.  It is time to grab it.  For your sake, the sake of your firm and for the future which has arrived. 


Are you looking for more resources on building a brand, protecting your reputation online and registering your name as a trademark? 

  • Everyone – especially social media influencers, professionals and individuals with some celebrity status – should consider trademarking their personal name
  • Your customer reviews on Google places, Glassdoor, Yelp, and other websites are important to your success and affect your revenue.  A negative review can cause real pain to you and harm your reputation irreparably. 


Steven Giovinco

Thanks for the insightful video, and I agree: lawyers (and others) need to be focusing on the need for online reputations for themselves and their firms.

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