Surviving the AI Apocalypse. Preparing for the Future of AI-Enabled Legal Practice

Power Tips for Lawyers and Law Firms using ChatGPT AI.

If you're a lawyer or law firm, it's essential to embrace AI technology by understanding its functionalities, getting trained on how to use it, and integrating it into your tech tools. Leveraging AI and chatGPT will give you a competitive edge and enable you to deliver more value to your clients in less time. Although chatGPT's basic interface can be entertaining, it may not provide the precise responses that lawyers require.

Enrico Schaefer is an experienced AI attorney who shares valuable "power tips" in a video on optimizing chatGPT. To use AI for legal services, you need two essential tools - the "ChatGPT Sidebar" and "ChatGPT extension" for Google Sheets and Docs. These tools will help elevate your AI game. This educational video channel is dedicated to training lawyers on using AI tools and integrating them into their work processes. Don't forget to subscribe and share!

ChatGPT Side Extension for Chrome Browser

How to use chatGPT prompts for Google Sheets and Google Docs. 


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