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Are Blogs Headed Towards the Graveyard?

Jeff Bullas over at the jeffbullas.com blog addresses the question of whether blogs are dying out and social media sites such as Facebook are taking over.  Bullas reports that blogs are not dying but instead evolving.  According to the “State of The blogosphere 2010" report published by Technorati, blogs are in a state of transition as the lines between blogs and social media sites disappear. As noted by Bullas, the Technorati report revealed several trends that are emerging in the blogosphere:

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Is Information Making People Stupid

Back in 1994, I had great hopes that the information age will bring us out of the intellectual dark ages and into the light.  I could have never imagined that people would simply ignore readily available information and bask in their own stupidity.  I don't think that information is making us stupid.  I think that people's bias and prejudice are so severe that they have no interest in it. 

One of the consequences of working in a profession such as law where there is virtually no innovation and little incentive to change is that technology has not even been powerful enough to show people the light. 

How Important Are You to Your Law firm?

The recent story of Steve Jobs stepping down from his CEO position at Apple got me thinking.  Universally, the stories being run talk about the importance of Steve Jobs to that company.  I wonder how many CEOs are considered as important to their company’s success as Steve Jobs?  My guess is that the answer is “not many.”

As Mr. Jobs steps down from his stewardship over one of the most successful company turnaround stories in history, it is a good time for each of us to ask ourselves:  “How important are we to our company?” I’ve always said that the proof of value for any employee is the impact their departure would have on the firm.  Our goal as employees should be to achieve the status of “invaluable” just like Steve Jobs. 

Google Ventures Is Among Investors for Online Legal Document Services

Google Ventures and others invest $18.5 million in the online legal document service called Rocket Lawyer.  Rocket Lawyer claims to be the “fastest growing online legal service,” according to Forbes, offering easy and affordable legal help to consumers.  Rocket Lawyer offers monthly and annual plans, as well as a per occurrence basis.

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Internet’s First and Biggest Gripe Site Temporarily Removed from Google Search

As recently reported on Search Engine Land and Online PR Media, the editor and founder of the Infamous complaint site, RipOffReports.com, nearly needed a defibrillator when he learned that his website was no longer showing up in Google's search results. 

"…this is Ed Magedson, … I nearly had a heart attack when I learned that Ripoff Report was not being listed on Google search results."

Magedson initially thought that RipOff Report had been banned by Google or even hacked, but later learned that one of his webmasters had accidentally requested that the URL be removed through Google’s Webmaster Tool’s URL removal tool, a tool which allows website owners to remove content from showing up in search results.  Magedson was later relieved to learn that removal was temporary and easily fixed. 

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Man Claims 50% Stake in Facebook: Attorneys Claim Man is Fraud

It appears that Paul Ceglia, the man claming to have 50% ownership rights in Facebook, is a fruad, according to Techland.time.com

...in a court filing on Monday, it appears that "an authentic contract" that was "found embedded in electronic data on Mr. Ceglia's computer" made no mention whatsoever of Facebook, merely a company called Street Fax that Mr. Ceglia reportedly owned.

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Mark Zuckerberg claims to have 'smoking gun' evidence that emails man claims prove he owns half of Facebook are fake, Daily News - Culture Freedom Radio

Top 5 Reasons Why Blogs are Important for Your Business and Legal Practice

Js color_MG_0467 Judy Shapiro recently published an article on the Social Media Today blog titled, “Top Reasons Why Blogs Deserve Our Respect (and are important for Business)".  In her article, Shapiro explains that there has been a lot of talk about the death of blogs since the onset of all the new social media toys at our disposal today.  However, she encourages everyone not to put their blogs to bed just yet.  Here are her top 5 important reasons to keep blogging:

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